The Best Time To Plant

The season of Spring spans one of the best times of year for planting outdoors.   Adding permanent fixtures such as trees and evergreen shrubs lend beauty all season long to your business or residential landscape.  Choosing the right plants for your land consists of knowing the patterns of light and shade throughout the day and seasons, and understanding the drainage and soil conditions for your plants.  Professional landscapers will provide you with a sketched layout of the landscape plan.  Often, if the property is large or the plan is complex, the landscape plan can be divided into stages of development.  Remind your professional landscaper to use a local nursery with high integrity, such as Lynn’s Nursery, when choosing plants for your yard.

For planting trees, late winter and early spring are ideal.

When planting rhododendron and azaleas, the best time of year is late spring or early fall.rhododendron bloom

Here is a handy Planting Guide and Calendar that you can use to help navigate you when planting for your particular zip code and zone.

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